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Latkes! Peel 4 large Idaho potatoes. Cut 3 of them into chunks with 1 medium yellow onion and put into the food processor and add 1 x-lg egg. (keep fourth potato well covered). Chop potatoes and onions until somewhat smooth, then pour into a lg. wire sieve that's over another bowl. Cover with towel and press down to force out excess liquid. Keep covered. Switch blades to the shredding disc. Shred last potato and squeeze in a towel to remove liquid. Do our liquid from bowl under purée. Add contents of sieve to clean bowl, along with shredded potatoes. Add some minced Italian parsley or chives, 2 tablespoons matzo meal and season well with black pepper, some cayenne and a fat dose of kosher salt. Fry in hot vegetable oil till golden on both sides. Drain on paper towels. Can reheat on a rack over a baking sheet at 375f. Serve with applesauce.Happiness is when your children cook you a birthday dinner. So delicious, loving- just perfect! So blessed.
Remember how, a few days ago, I made fresh fusilli with a sauce that was very much like a chicken pot pie filling? Well, today I took the leftover filling and ground it in the food processor with a nice dose of Parmesan. I piped the filling into sheets of fresh pasta and then shaped my agnolotti del plin which are stuffed pillows of pasta ("plin means pinched-which is how you shape the pillows.) I learned this in Alba, Italy- it's the most perfectly delicious way to utilize all stewed meats, vegetables and even fish-For my loves.

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Lauren & Jessie BakingAre you often crazed by the prospect of last minute planning and cooking on weekdays? Or are you bored by those few trusted recipes you always use when entertaining? Well, I’m here to show you how easy it can be to prepare exciting and delicious meals that will fill your kitchen with irresistible aromas and draw your family and friends to the table like a magnet! It’s as simple as learning some essential time management skills (wrapped around wonderful, soothing recipes) that will help you feel less physically stretched at the end of a work day, and more excited to share your food with friends and business associates on leisurely weekends.

First, imagine that your kitchen is a gym, and cooking and baking is an exciting and challenging sport. For your first visit to the gym, you would never start out lifting 50 lb. weights (you would be exhausted!); you would likely start with 5 or 10 lb. weights and gradually increase as you developed more strength. See what I mean? It’s the same with cooking. Like any sport, it must be learned progressively and incrementally (I like to think of it as “kitchen training”). As you learn to “flex your kitchen muscles,” it’s important that you are able to fully digest (no pun intended!) the process of completing a recipe successfully. And it’s even more important that you are able to enjoy yourself at the table, with those you love, without feeling overwhelmed.

To help you confidently develop (and strengthen!) your kitchen muscles, I’ve used a barbell system for grading my recipes. This will help you feel comfortable with preparing a particular recipe from set-up to serving. The number of barbells assigned to each recipe indicates the level of skill required.

Barbell Key
Simple (and simply delicious)
Recipes are a bit more dimensional. Be sure to use your “Timing is Everything” tips.
Requires fundamental understanding of classic techniques. These recipes will usually cover ethnic yeast bread cookery or classic French pastry. Use your “Timing is Everything” tips and e-mail me if you need help!

I’ll be adding new recipes every week, so please come back and visit soon. Now, turn on the music, roll up your sleeves and get those buns to the oven!

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