Kitchen Equipment for Great Home Cooking

Below is a list of the basic essentials to accomplish a multitude of tasks for various cuisines, plus many implements that are so helpful, I’ve come to regard them as essentials in my kitchen. You’ll also find some tools and cookware that are nice to have, but certainly not absolutely necessary. In some categories I’ve provided a few choices (i.e. cutting boards, loaf pans and small electrical appliances), since different materials, designs and sizes lend themselves better to different cooking/baking purposes. So, depending on your level of skill and desire, these lists should help take you as far as you want. Have fun!

Kitchen Tools

From apple corers to whisks, here are all the tools to make cooking as fun, easy and efficient as possible. Unless otherwise mentioned, I recommend stainless steel for its durability and resistance to rust. Those tools that I consider essential and use most often in my recipes are in the “All the Essentials” category. For your convenience, I have provided direct links to the brands I use and trust, on For those times when I couldn’t find the exact item, I’ve chosen one that will accomplish the job needed. If you want to go to a physical location, many of the items listed as essentials should be available in a well-stocked hardware store or in the housewares section of a department store or specialty kitchen shop.

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