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If you’re new to me and my work, let me share with you who I am and what I do. And, if familiar with what I did, you should know that the scope of what I can offer you expanded! In addition to being a Certified Culinary Professional, I’m a Certified Life Coach and also a Kitchen Coach and Consultant. Although, at first (three decades ago), my work was focused mostly on teaching how to create and sustain the very literal type of yummy, nurturing home-life that many of us didn’t experience when young-it didn’t end there. Over the years, I’ve learned, both personally and professionally, that we can’t just cook to make all of our dreams come true. Life is big, intricate and choosing to travel the daily road to being authentically happy requires real commitment and often bravery.

Because of my own personal growth journey, combined with what I’ve learned from working with people from all walks of life (and in several capacities) I know this for sure: You don’t need to be literally locked up to be in a dark, insecure or unfulfilling place. Let me teach you how to heal old, historic wounds and get control of the quality of your inner and outer life.

I can help you to discover what you really want, what’s in your way and how to navigate the path in between. I can teach you the dynamics behind your inner dialogue so you can stop warring with yourself and with others. I can help you to embrace the effort it takes to grow and to eventually win at this daily game we call life.


Life Coaching

Are you ready to create the life YOU want? Yesterday’s moves are what tells today’s story.

Kitchen Coaching

Does your kitchen make you happy? Are you bored cooking the same old stuff? Let me help you!

Learn to Cook

Are you ready to take your cooking to the next level? You’ve come to the right place!

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Internationally-respected cook, author and culinary teacher, Lauren Groveman has, with a full heart, carefully created this “virtual kitchen” in celebration of all of you who would like to savor the joys of creating a truly satisfying, homemade life. You can click here to learn a bit more about Lauren and click here to see her prepare some very potent recipes (in her own life) so that YOU can do them, too!

Over the years, Lauren has been the host of several local and national television series, including “Welcome to Lauren Groveman’s Kitchen” and also a weekly radio talk-show called “Food, Family and Home Matters,” both James Beard Award recognized. She is so proud to have worked with culinary icons, such as Julia Child, in the series Baking with Julia as well as the accompanying cookbook. Lauren loves hearing from viewers from all over the country who have seen her shows and cook from her books!

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If you're interested in one of my services, or you'd just like to reach out about a recipe or an ongoing struggle in your life, please do so. I read each and every message personally.
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