My Credentials

I’m a self-taught, Certified Culinary Professional. I started teaching daytime cooking classes in 1990, when my three young kids were at school. Over the years, my teaching arenas would expand to include the writing of two published comprehensive cookbooks, recipe development for many national food magazines and features in multiple “Kitchen Design” and “Home and Family” periodicals. I’ve hosted several local and national television series and radio shows (two of which are James Beard Award recognized) and I produced a wide-ranging Instructional Video Series, for viewing on and off line. I’ve contributed many food-segments to national and regional morning shows and I even got to work with the beloved Julia Child!

So-I know A LOT about the kitchen. Actually, I think I spend more time in the kitchen than any person I’ve ever met-No joke. Saying it’s the heart of the home might sound corny but, it’s not. Quite literally, the kitchen is the room that pumps physical fortification and the feeling of emotional safety throughout a household. There is no more consequential room, in any building-anywhere on earth.

As a coach, my goal is to help your kitchen really work for you as a partner and friend –a ready-and-waiting place where you will share your creative spirit and also entrust with self-care and with the nurturing of those you love.

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A FREE 15 minute phone consultation is available to help determine how I can best help you.
Hourly rates are available at that time.

Size doesn’t matter (Really, it doesn’t)

Over the years, I’ve cooked in tiny places that sing and in huge kitchens that are completely inefficient. When it comes to being happy in the kitchen, your “set up” is more important than choosing a great recipe. It’s like going dancing wearing really uncomfortable shoes- which ruins things.


What determines ideal kitchen set-up?

Depending on what type of cooking/baking you enjoy most, the ingredients you turn to most when wanting to convey comfort, your weekly timing constraints and your ultimate goals as a cook/nurturer/entertainer will all dictate the hand-tools, cookware and electrical equipment you’ll need –And it’s those things that will determine ideal set up for you personally because you’ll be reaching for those most often. So having lots of things isn’t the answer. Having the right things, in the right place is what makes any kitchen work.

Conceptual Cooking

So, after learning about you from your answers in the detailed questionnaire, in our 45-minute telephone coaching sessions (Skype is preferred), I will help you to understand how to prepare and share delicious, homemade foods more efficiently, more comfortably and more successfully. Whether cooking for one or twelve, when you understand how to cook conceptually, you’ll see that the dynamics don’t change much-only the amounts change.

And, when it comes to baking, I can help you to set yourself up so that a wide assortment of great homemade breads, cookies and pastries are always within reach.

Before you hire someone to gut your kitchen: Kitchen designers and/or architects don’t necessarily cook or bake. Creating a thing of beauty, in kitchen-language, means much more than having attractive counters and cabinetry-This truth applies to people who really love to cook and also to those who want to learn, practice and grow. If planning to redo your kitchen, why not go to an architect or kitchen designer with a more clear understanding of what you want and need? I can help you to do that!

Some things to consider when filling out the questionnaire

What’s your preferred shopping routine (are you a stocker-upper or do you go to the markets daily)?

Do you hate the clanging sound of pots stacked within each other or do you wear headphones when cooking so outside noise doesn’t matter?

Do you use tons of dried spices, herbs and blends that you can’t find when you need them?

Do you feel like your kitchen is getting smaller as your kids get bigger?

At holiday time, or when entertaining in general, do you like to do most of the prep in advance?

Hear from those who've worked with me...

I have been your fan ever since I saw you on Baking With Julia and I make your challah every week for my husband. I cherish your recipes in the Baking with Julia cookbook and everything I have ever tried from you was a huge success. As a wife, home cook and food professional I just wanted you to know that you are truly one of my mentors. Your passion for your family and life really resonates with me (and really comes across on camera!). Food and cooking means nothing if you don't do it for love and for those you love. So thank you for the inspiration and I wish you much blessings and continued success. I am from the Caribbean by the way....Trinidad to be exact! So I just want you to know that you affect people not only in your country but all over the world as well. I am now going to purchase your books and the dvds too!! So thanks again....and I really have to try your perfect roast chicken recipe.

- Tracey N., Trinidad, kitchen, learn

I think of you often. Cooking continues to be great therapy for me; and I find that I am getting more and more skilled (and it is more and more fun!) I recently lost a close ski buddy (after a long battle with breast cancer) and it was very tough. I remembered your story quite a long time ago about baking bread for a friend’s husband who was very ill in the hospital. And how therapeutic kneading the dough was, and how healing something homemade good can be. It’s amazing how you can lose your grief, at least for a little while, as you prepare something wonderful in the kitchen. (We just treated ourselves to a gigantic new Cuisinart - a 16 cupper!).

I can never express in words the incredible depth of the impact you’ve had, and continue to have on my life, and the lives of my stepchildren and family. Thanks for teaching me to believe in the power of home cooking...

- Kathi E., Scotch Plains, New Jersey, life, kitchen

You did such a fantastic job last night. You are truly a master teacher. Everybody learned so much, enjoyed the evening so much and bonded with each other -- and with you! I can't thank you enough. All in all, a delicious experience!

- Becky, kitchen

My global auto-searches picked up a great article on the Riker’s Island Culinary program you founded. I never stop being amazed about how you are able to change lives, and I often mention to my husband what a great gift I garnered from working with you, and learning from you. You’ve changed mine/our life so profoundly, that I often find myself cooking as a way of relieving stress. It takes over the mind and the body and becomes all-encompassing, freeing the soul and pushing out any resident negative feelings. I have become quite the chef - I can now cook many things that are “my own,” independent of cookbooks and recipes, and I find great creative energy in finding my own way around a dish. Yesterday, after a week filled with challenges and some minor but frequent angst, I decided to make Quiche Lorraine (I use the classic “basic quiche” Julia Child recipe as a starting point) with bacon and onions simply because I know (because I learned it from you), that the smell of those two ingredients cooking in the kitchen would be incredibly restorative. It was. For both of us. Amazing.

- Robin, life, kitchen

Cooking is an art-creative, warm, loving and meant to be shared. Lauren's book is a treasure-I highly recommend it and wish I could give it a double five stars.

- vptara, Bethlehem, PA, kitchen, learn

Lauren Groveman is the culinary creator/advisor for the new Millennium.

- Golden Bridge, NY, kitchen, learn

I always say that taking cooking/life lessons with you was one of best things that I've ever done. I continue to cook your wonderful food and receive so many compliments on it. Everyone in my life hears about you and the impact that you've had.

- Erin I., Larchmont, New York, life, kitchen, learn

[Lauren] You are so special and your advice is PERFECT!

- Kathy K., Chicago, life, kitchen


Throughout the year, I will be offering cooking/baking classes, sporadically, and will be posting them on this site, so check back often. Please be sure to share with me (on the questionnaire) what types of classes you would be most interested in attending. And, if you are planning a trip to the tri-state area (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey), let me know!

Get in touch with me

If you're interested in one of my services, or you'd just like to reach out about a recipe or an ongoing struggle in your life, please do so. I read each and every message personally.
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