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Although the word “creative” is usually meant to describe an artistic desire or ability, we are ALL creative beings. Every time we think something, say something and then do something, whether on purpose or habitually, we create our life. The dynamics of cause and effect are at work all day long, wherever we go. Yesterday’s moves are what tells today’s story.

You Can Change Your Story!

You know that saying – You can’t expect a different result if you keep doing the same thing! Sounds elementary but changing your responses to similar circumstances isn’t as easy as it sounds. Actually, if you think about it in your own life, I’ll bet you’d agree.

Do any of the following apply?

  • You want to lose weight, drink less, stop smoking, etc.- But after a few days, when tempted, you cave.
  • You want to be more social but feel shy and anxious in groups, so you stay home.
  • You want to commit to exercise because it makes you feel energized, but you let other things get in the way, leaving you feeling sluggish and weak.
  • You want to get paid to do something you love but you’re afraid to ask the world for more than a reliable pay check.
  • You want to be self-trusting but can’t stop looking for outside approval.
  • You want to feel calm but you’re easily provoked into anger and judgement.
  • You want to wake up each morning feeling open, curious and excited about your potential but wind up retracing old steps, feeling bored and defeated.
  • You want to feel more confident and able, but there’s this internal nag-A bossy voice that seems to always win: You know, the one that starts with “I’m not…” not young enough, not experienced enough, not thin enough, not attractive enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, not motivated enough, not worthy enough and the list goes on.

Hear from those who've worked with me...

I think of you often. Cooking continues to be great therapy for me; and I find that I am getting more and more skilled (and it is more and more fun!) I recently lost a close ski buddy (after a long battle with breast cancer) and it was very tough. I remembered your story quite a long time ago about baking bread for a friend’s husband who was very ill in the hospital. And how therapeutic kneading the dough was, and how healing something homemade good can be. It’s amazing how you can lose your grief, at least for a little while, as you prepare something wonderful in the kitchen. (We just treated ourselves to a gigantic new Cuisinart - a 16 cupper!).

I can never express in words the incredible depth of the impact you’ve had, and continue to have on my life, and the lives of my stepchildren and family. Thanks for teaching me to believe in the power of home cooking...

- Kathi E., Scotch Plains, New Jersey, life, kitchen

My global auto-searches picked up a great article on the Riker’s Island Culinary program you founded. I never stop being amazed about how you are able to change lives, and I often mention to my husband what a great gift I garnered from working with you, and learning from you. You’ve changed mine/our life so profoundly, that I often find myself cooking as a way of relieving stress. It takes over the mind and the body and becomes all-encompassing, freeing the soul and pushing out any resident negative feelings. I have become quite the chef - I can now cook many things that are “my own,” independent of cookbooks and recipes, and I find great creative energy in finding my own way around a dish. Yesterday, after a week filled with challenges and some minor but frequent angst, I decided to make Quiche Lorraine (I use the classic “basic quiche” Julia Child recipe as a starting point) with bacon and onions simply because I know (because I learned it from you), that the smell of those two ingredients cooking in the kitchen would be incredibly restorative. It was. For both of us. Amazing.

- Robin, life, kitchen

I have known Lauren for many years, and she has always been a source of support and inspiration to me. I admire the way she can articulate her thoughts so easily. I think of her as a perennial student, going outside of her comfort zone, challenging herself, striving for the knowledge of life. Recently I began having major issues with my teenage son. Lauren was there for me. She is a great listener, and she remembers everything you tell her. So when I was feeling overwhelmed and confused she could center me with concrete solutions to my problem at hand. I often wish I could keep her in my back pocket and pull her out at difficult moments. She just always seems to have the right answers or the right questions to help me on my journey towards healing. Lauren lives in the moment…and her guiding words of wisdom come from a loving can feel it.

- Annie I., White Plains, NY, life

I have known Lauren Groveman  for many years through her cookbooks and her website.  She has always shown me complete encouragement when replying to questions that I‘ve asked when it comes to one of her recipes. Always in a professional manner, she would always find time to respond in a kind and professional way.

I noticed she now offers Life Coaching services. Not knowing what that was, I contacted Lauren for more information. She explained the process of Life Coaching and, after listening, I decided that I could benefit with some coaching myself in areas of my life that I want to  improve. After 3 sessions with Lauren she has motivated me to look both inside and outside of myself and has helped me to focus on my power to make better choices and on setting goals.  Lauren has helped me to recognize that the buck stops with me in responsibility on several issues, and she also has given me a redirection with my thought process, including how to apply that in my everyday life. But  mostly she listens and, again, she responds in an encouraging and professional way. You can tell that Lauren loves what she does and it shows. She is very genuine. Her spirit matches her actions as a Life Coach. She really cares and wants to be there for you!  Having Lauren Groveman as a Life Coach I believe would be a great investment if you want to improve yourself.

- Jackie O., Soldotna, AK, life

I am a 29-year-old woman living in Manhattan with my fiancé. I am currently working as an administrator for a hedge fund although my true passions are cooking, decorating, writing, planning menus and all other things domestic. It is so nice to hear you discuss the importance of a good home and shared meals, I feel like they aren’t honored enough. Your words and advice made me feel proud of my feelings and gave me faith. You've inspired me to stick to my guns and remain grounded and I wanted to thank you for that.

- Jill T., Manhattan, life

I just wanted to say thank you Lauren for all that you have contributed to me & my family over the past couple of years. Though we have never met in person, we have been so blessed through your videos and emails. I know you are a busy person and have so much going on. I'm sure your family would love even more of your time, but please let them know for me how very much we appreciate them sharing you with folks like us. You have touched me & my family so dearly & we have implemented so many of the things you talk about in your teaching into our daily life & it has made a huge impact in our family & in the lives of those we care about as well. Again, thank you so much for your generousity and for always taking time to care! And know that we are "paying it forward" in hopes to love those in our community who need a hand up as well.

Thanks again for all you do!

- R. Watson, life

Working with Lauren has truly been a life-changing experience. I initially signed up to work with Lauren in the hopes of becoming a better version of myself but without a lot of clarity of what that meant. Through a very simple exercise in my first session we were quickly able to determine the areas in my life that needed attention. In my sessions with Lauren, I have learned that I have the power to shape areas in my life that I thought were beyond my control. After practicing the very specific tools that Lauren teaches, I now have a newfound peace that I never thought was obtainable. If you are serious about growing and follow Lauren’s process you will not be disappointed!

- Anna F., life

I always say that taking cooking/life lessons with you was one of best things that I've ever done. I continue to cook your wonderful food and receive so many compliments on it. Everyone in my life hears about you and the impact that you've had.

- Erin I., Larchmont, New York, life, kitchen, learn

I have known Lauren for many years, and she has always been a source of support and inspiration to me. I admire the way she can articulate her thoughts so easily.

- A. Innes, life

Your words and advice made me feel proud of my feelings and gave me faith. You've inspired me to stick to my guns and remain grounded and I wanted to thank you for that.

- Jill T., Manhattan, life

[Lauren] You are so special and your advice is PERFECT!

- Kathy K., Chicago, life, kitchen

Working with Lauren can change your life! Her knowledge is always on point and I’m so impressed with her dedication-She always comes from a place of love which makes me feel safe. She inspires me by being a living example of success.

- Jan B, life

Having Lauren as my life coach has been life changing! I began sessions with Lauren because I am at a stage in life where I felt lost. My kids are grown and my husband and I hadn’t been enjoying each other the way we did years ago. I was questioning a lot about my life, wanting to find a purpose beyond being a mother and a wife. Lauren helped me so much!! I’m now volunteering regularly, have made some new friends and have become so much happier as a person that my relationship with my husband has really improved. We actually started dating each other!! Sounds funny but Lauren helped us both to remember why we fell in love in the first place. If contemplating working with Lauren, I urge you to do it-you’ll be glad you did!

- Sharon M. , life

What a gift working with Lauren has been! Her kindness, strength, dedication and wisdom have helped me so much- I love her and I’m sure you will too!

- Janet G., life

Notice the Source of Your Action (or Inaction)

When the things you really want continually get put on hold, it’s not because you’re not able or deserving –it’s because you make choices that don’t support your deep-down desires. Again, this sounds simple but getting out of your own way, especially at first, requires real commitment.

Although we tend to blame the world for our woes, if you look at those few scenarios mentioned above, every obstacle points to only one source; your inner life. Yes, you could choose to blame a lousy childhood, a neglectful mother, an angry or absent father, a rotten teacher, an unappreciative boss, being bullied as a kid, etc. but doing that only feeds the voice that keeps you stuck!

Download my "How to Stop Feeding the Voice That Keeps You Stuck"

You Know the Analogy: What You Feed Becomes Stronger!

Every time you attach an affirming negative action (or inaction) to a negative thought or feeling, you literally bring that thought and feeling to life-At that moment, you are completely responsible for creating your reality-just not the reality you want! The only way to change this is to do something different in response to that old familiar negative voice. You can expect these pessimistic thoughts and feelings to be stubborn-they’ve been fed a steady diet for a long time and they’re not going to pipe down easily-But, that’s OK!-Your outer actions are easier to control and it’s the first way to quickly see your life move in the right direction. Let’s call this voice “The Challenger,” and it resides inside your head.

You Have Yet Another Mouth to Feed!

In addition to The Challenger, there’s another internal voice that lives deep within your heart-I like to think of this voice as a wise, intuitive “Coach” which sits ready and eager to help you. This is the voice that knows exactly what to do or say when someone you care about is hurting emotionally or in physical danger. It’s the voice that loves you, trusts you, that knows what you’re capable of and wants to see you succeed at everything you want most. This is the voice that applauds your desire to be brave and urges you to not forfeit the bigger picture, when stretching into unfamiliar territory. Unfortunately, a life time of thoughts, feelings and actions that support insecurity makes it difficult when wanting to break old patterns — especially when “The Challenger” keeps dangling a few fleeting moments of pleasure in front of your nose.

How can you identify the voice of your internal wisdom? Every time you think of how you want to grow, What positive changes you’d like to make, When you envision your greatest hopes, wishes and dreams coming true-When you feel the urge to become more authentic–That is your inner coach speaking directly to you, guiding you. In comparison to “The Challenger,” the voice of your inner Coach is usually reduced to a low murmur-Not because it’s inconsequential but because it’s starving! Because your head is where you first see a situation, quickly make assumptions and then create conclusions-your Coach, your deeper wisdom, is often ignored and the Challenger gets continually fortified.

Embrace the Game!

When wanting to achieve greatness in sports, in addition to a smart coach, every athlete needs a challenger as a way to feel the weight of his/her accomplishment. Well, in life, there’s enormous potential for personal growth in the difficult moments you often look to avoid. Every time you feel triggered to turn your back on your personal, professional or spiritual goals, instead of acting out an “instant replay” of yesterday’s moves, which only perpetuates what you don’t want, you can do something that’s more aligned with who you want to be. Each time you turn up the voice of your inner coach and make a new positive choice in response to a challenging situation, you’re doing what a serious athlete does when wanting to bring their A-game. The only difference is that the goal now is to build life-muscles that will, step by step, bring you closer to creating the overall life you want. So, having a formidable challenger can be a real blessing-if you embrace the game!

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