Garlic has, for centuries, been long documented to have many medicinal properties and has often been called a “wonder drug,” helping to prevent things like acne, colds and flu, managing bad cholesterol levels and also alleviating the “itch” after a mosquito bite. Garlic has been hailed as being able to act as a powerful antibiotic that the body won’t become resistant to and it’s also considered an antioxidant that can help the body to prevent damage from free radicals. Both, the allicin and high sulphur content in garlic is said to be the prize winning ingredients, especially the organically grown kind, which has the highest levels of both. Some people use garlic supplements to avoid “garlic breath” but I don’t believe that garlic supplements provide the same healthful properties as the fresh form. The best remedy for dealing with the ramifications of garlic breath is to have everyone at the table eating the same garlic-filled food. Then, who cares? You should know, though, that those initially under-exposed to garlic can experience allergic reactions (the allicin is usually the culprit), possibly causing gas, redness in the skin, bloating and heartburn. So, at first, go slow and then, if all is well, keep it coming!

Warning: If you know that you have had even a minor allergic reaction to garlic, avoid ingesting before surgery since it can limit the effectiveness of anti-coagulants in those susceptible. And, before using garlic (or any other substance homeopathically) to treat a documented physical ailment, always check with your doctor first.

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