You are enough.

What does it mean to be “enough?” Does it mean we stop trying? Stop being curious and wanting to learn? Does being enough mean we no longer have hopes, wishes, and dreams? Do our inner and outer goals simply fade away when we assert, “I, as I am, am enough!”

No. No, no, no, no….

Being enough doesn’t mean we no longer want to lose that pesky pounds-Being enough isn’t the issue at all (just like those pesky pounds aren’t the actual issue)-it’s “feeling” good enough that’s at the core.

Why do we really want what we want? The answer to that question is what tells the story of those hopes, wishes, and dreams—and, ultimately, shines a bright light on whether or not we feel good enough.

When we walk into a room, do we need others to look our way so we feel attractive, Do we need a teacher, employer or coworker to pat us on the head in order to feel intelligent and able to contribute, Is the root of our career paths and goals in order to make someone else feel proud of us?, Do we hesitate to share our truth, because we’re afraid of being alone -of losing love…

The truth: When we feel good enough, we don’t measure our worth, our success or our strengths based on the opinions or acceptance of others. But, that doesn’t mean we’re done growing, learning—or even yearning. Being good enough means we allow ourselves to feel sad, to get frustrated, to dig deep to examine old feelings from past events that have been allowed to limit today’s moves. When we truly feel that we’re enough, we can be satisfied with who we are, as committed caring, curious and awake humans -but that doesn’t mean we aren’t aware that, until we take our last breaths, will be in a process called life-that will forever challenge us to keep reaching upward.

When we can let go of wanting the approval of others, and can genuinely deem who we are to be  “good enough” -that’s when the concept of growing beyond our current level suddenly opens up-and becomes trustable, less transient-and more attainable.

The Point: You are and will always be “enough.” In order to feel that, you’ll need to give up wanting to satisfy perceived opinions and judgments of others because it’s a never-ending dead-end. The road that leads to self-acceptance begins right where you are, right now. It’s a process that’s between You and You-When you can embrace “your” unique road for the sole purpose of reaching upward, that’s when the magic happens.

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