Humble ingredients get royal status and inspire awesome feelings.

It’s becoming comical how, after all these years–after writing cookbooks, hosting television and radio shows–after working with culinary giants like Julia Child, I’m still just NEVER over it! Creating in my kitchen brings me such awesome feelings–literally–when doing everything, but especially when baking.

Sometimes I think my computer will explode from all the food pictures–Especially because so many of them are duplicates

For example, I must have about 4,000 pictures of my pane di casa-

And here’s my latest picture of what I served for dessert last night for dinner guests…


One of about 1,000 photos of this crisp and glistening  Apple-Cinnamon Galette.

And yesterday, while my French rolls were rising, I couldn’t resist re-capturing their pudgyness.

 I shaped half of the dough into ovals and the other half into rounds…

And then, before slipping them into a very hot oven, I just HAD to quickly shoot them after slashing and snipping their tops (for the gazillionth time)…

As they baked, I (as usual) stood by the oven waiting for the buzzer to sound so I could finally get to see (and photograph) what their beyond-belief aromas promised– 


And, as the rolls sat perched on wire racks, their audible crackling sounds was like hearing a favorite song–but better– because this song was played “in person” and not on the radio– which (of course, once again) compelled me to wobble on a footstool, camera in hand, to give them the rock star status they deserve.

And, last week, these freshly baked pumpkin breads (recipe coming…) actually made me gasp –not just because of their beauty…

but also because I knew how the addition of plumped dried currants and chopped, butter-toasted pepitas would elevate the taste of the loaves…

And that goes for the muffins, too! (This new recipe will, no doubt, be photographed over and over again…)

The Point: Although it might seem silly to keep taking pictures of the same recipe, it seems much sillier to give up any opportunity to personally experience (and to instigate in others) the feeling of awe. I hope I’m never “over it.”

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