Before I grow old, let me blog.

Ok, I get it–I need to blog more often. Believe me, it’s not for lack of wanting to but I’ve been so busy teaching (with all the inherent shopping, schlepping and prepping), life-coaching my individual clients and taking care of my family, that I’m practically comatose after the dinner dishes are all dried and tucked away. Yesterday, after teaching cooking all day in Brooklyn–I was so exhausted that in insides of my ears hurt and the only way to get a second wind, so I could cook dinner for my family, was to turn on the radio and start to dance around the kitchen. (By the way, this really shifted my energy–I felt so much better once I allowed myself to be moved by (and to move to) the music (on a classic rock station on XM) that my dog, Mango, (after first looking up at me like I had lost my mind) she became so excited that she started to jump and wiggle along with me!) 

So, after saying to myself “Lauren, people are going to think you’re ill or (worse)–that you’ve stopped living with opinions and have nothing to say” I’ve decided that it’s time to finally connect. (It’s a bit like when you’ve waited too long to call a friend because you feel like there’s just TOO much to say so you put off calling –and then feel guilty–and then end up forgetting all the things you would have told them way back when those things felt important to share (I knew you’d understand…).

I’m glad I got that off my chest!

Ok, so about the food. I’m “in process”–Meaning, I’m working on some stuff that’s important to me and I’m not 100% finished so I haven’t wanted to blog about it but I’ve decided to let you in.

One of the things I’ve been working on (and very excited about) is homemade potato gnocchi. (Personally, I never liked gnocchi–only had it once and it was so heavy and monotonous that I couldn’t figure out what the big attraction was until one day my son’s girlfriend Jenn told me that her “all time favorite food is potato gnocchi–just like grandma makes.” And so (you know me…) ever since that night I’ve been driven (I’m tempted to say “haunted” or “hounded” but both seem too dramatic and/or negative–and this feeling of wanting to understand Jenn’s devotion to gnocchi was the opposite of negative–Actually, this feeling is what makes me tick, tickled and, yes, turned on to the ever deepening ways to experience deliciousness!) Now was my chance–I finally had a real reason–a person–to help me get inside what makes gnocchi so adored by so many. The plan is to reveal my light, tender and scrumptious darlings for Jenn’s birthday dinner–it’s coming in June.

Yes, you might be saying to yourself “Lauren, shut up! Why would you want to spoil her surprise?!”

Well, it’s been done already…Jon (my adorable husband who, like me, is just so excited by this gnocchi) spilled the beans to Jenn in a restaurant. He said “Jenn, get ready, Lauren is working on potato gnocchi for your birthday and it’s SO delicious–you’re gonna love it!”  As the words were coming out of his mouth, I wanted to yelp “NO, PLEEESE…..DON’T SAY IT!” First, because I wanted it to be a surprise–but mostly because of the PRESSURE that I now feel! HOW CAN I, A JEWISH GIRL FROM LONG ISLAND, A GNOCCHI VIRGIN, POSSIBLY MEASURE UP TO JENNIFER’S ITALIAN GRANDMOTHER’S HOMEMADE MASTERPIECE? (Oy vey.)

Anyway, this particualr blog is not to tell you how to make gnocchi–that’s coming–this blog is to show you how WELL I’m doing! Take a look at this…

I am now a HUGE gnocchi fan! Ok, gotta go. (My blogging slump is now officially over.)

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