Can I use fresh blueberries in scones?

Cheryl wrote:

I really don’t like the taste of orange in my scones and, prefer blueberries over all scone varieties. Could you give workable substitutions for blueberry scones that produce high scones with a good buttery, not dry taste? Would you use fresh blueberries over frozen and, when using fresh, how you keep them from bleeding, sinking or getting squashed in the dough?

Hi, Cheryl.

Thanks for your question. Personally, I would not use fresh blueberries in scones since their delicate texture would suffer when assembling the dough. Dried blueberries, however, would be perfect. You could double the amount of blueberries (to the currants in my scone recipe)then plump half of them in some hot water (or better, heated blueberry juice!) and, after allowing them to become supple (10 minutes), drain and add them to the cream. Add the rest of the dried blueberries as you would when adding the currants. Instead of the orange juice concentrate, whirl some fresh or frozen blueberries in your food processor until smooth, and use this in exchange. I would suggest adding a bit of minced lemon zest-instead of orange, to the cream perk up taste (lemon and blueberry is a good combination). Hope this helps!  Let me know.

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