Wok (flat bottom) by Wok Shop
For electric, induction stoves or on an outdoor grill, woks are now available with a flat bottom. Woks also come with a nonstick finish but I don't recommend them. This type of cooking requires very high heat, which isn't great for nonstick interiors. Woks also come in an electric version-but that takes the fun out of the process. To properly care for your seasoned carbon steel wok, after cooking, do not wash with soap. Instead, rinse, dry well and, to remove any stubborn food, rub some coarse salt on the interior, using a paper towel. Then (and this is important!) rub both the interior and exterior with vegetable oil, wipe out all excess with a paper towel so that only a very thin layer remains. To re-season, after rubbing with oil, turn on your exhaust fan and heat the pan over direct heat (medium-low). Let it sit there until the interior is good and hot and the interior gets progressively darker. Turn off the heat and let the pan cool. After a few times, the pan will become "seasoned" And will actually become nonstick.

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