White asparagus grow without being exposed to the sun- which is why they’re white. Green vegetables interact with the sun to create chlorophyll, which is needed for green pigment to occur. White asparagus are more fibrous than the green ones with same girth so they must be peeled first. To do this, lay each stalk on your counter and, with a gentle hand, peel the shaft, going down (away) from the tops. Then tie them in bunches with kitchen twine and blanch for a minute or two in rapidly salted boiling water, to tenderize them. Immediately after boiling (called blanching) give them a swish in ice water to stop the cooking process. With green vegetables, this ice bath also helps to set their bright green color. Then drain, pat dry and cook as desired or serve them cold, with a vinaigrette (to serve cold, blanch an extra minute). Tonight, I want things simple- salt, pepper, garlic confit oil along with the nuggets of garlic and freshly ground red pepper. This will bake later… #cookfromscratch #cookandbakefromscratch #cleaneating #homecookingrocks

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