These carrots @arielgweiner were roasted in my wood- fired oven but they can easily be done in the oven and also on the stovetop. For the oven, take peeled young carrot (leave on some green stems) and use a knife to make a vertical slit in their thickest part- just to help them cook evenly. Place in an oven-safe pan and add some water to reach 1/4 up the depth of carrots. Sprinkle with a little sugar and kosher salt (shimmy the pan to help distribute) then place some knobs of butter around and cover with foil. Pierce foil with skewer in a few places and place in preheated 450f 20 minutes. Uncover and roast toll liquid evaporates (syrupy) and carrots are caramelized. On the stove: same set up but in a heavy bottomed skillet. Bring water to boil and cover pot. Cook at brisk summer till carrots are just tender. Uncover and raise heat. Cook till caramelized-in both instances, initial cooking times will depend on the girth of carrots.

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