Life has many colors-And we,…
Life has many colors-And we, hopefully living long, will wear different hats along the way. Childhood dreams, some of which evolve into professional careers, others into the lifetime role as a parent, or those desires that fuel our creative pursuits, our philosophical journey, the endeavors that help satisfy the inner tug to connect to others with compassion-along with the quest for our own healing and spiritual awakening.
Life. .. Life’s different colors don’t always surface in a linear way- with one right after the other-Often, they overlap, starting like when making stove-top coffee-with a small, slow perk. Other times, life brings a big “bang,” when we need to immediately jump on board and ride the wave. Most times, if allowing, we will weave organically in and out of life’s different colors..
.. Seeking and allowing our personal and professional evolvement can be scary. It feels safest (and easiest) to stay where people know us, accept us, admire us, seek us out, love us. Not a bad thing-just might not be who we are, right now. .
.. So, this is my way of saying “Here we go, Life!”
My new website has just gone live-many months in the making, with the incredible website team at @deyodesigns (love, love, love them!!) .. .. So, what’s this new website about? The ME I am today and what I can do for YOU!.. .. Although I’m mostly known for my work in the culinary arena as a teacher, author and media host, those that really know me have, over the past several years, watched my personal journey and passions evolve into a profession as a Certified Life Coach and Kitchen Consultant.
The point: I’m not just one thing and either are you. I hope you’ll take a look around my new site and email me. I’d be honored to help you in the ways I’m uniquely trained and able. Website link in bio. Thank you so much, @melanilustphotography and @cohlkatz

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