Applesauce can be either chunky or smooth. For latkes, I like it smooth. For regular life, I like it chunky- For chunky, the recipe is on my site. For smooth: Start with apples that surrender easily (and have good color, which will bleed into the purée) Macintosh are perfect. Use and apple wedge cutter to remove the cores while cutting the apples in wedges. Put the wedges into a pot- discard the cores. Add some apple cider or juice (a nice splash- not too much because the apples are cooked covered which produces condensation- moisture-) a cinnamon stick and bring to a strong bubble, covered. Cook until tender, occasionally uncovering and mashing the fruit. When totally tender, remove from heat and, in batches, force the apple purée through a food mill-into a bowl beneath it- the skins and cinnamon sticks will be trapped in the top of the mill- Reverse turn to make it easier to release and remove the skins- continue till done. Flavor the purée with sugar (Brown sugar gives a caramel flavor-white is more neutral- I vote for neutral.), vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg- to taste- adding a little salt to brighten. Refrigerate- Enjoy!! #whenthisnanacooks

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