Olives, Pitting

Since removing the stones from meaty ripe olives is so simple (and since prepitted ones are usually more expensive), I suggest pitting a few more than needed and keep any extras in the refrigerator, to use throughout the week in omelets, sauces, breads, salads, etc.

To pit a black olive, place it on your work surface and lay the blade of a chef’s knife, flat, on top. Push down on the blade, firmly, without overdoing it. You’ll feel (and almost hear) a dull “pop” as the olive meat releases from its stone. Use the knife to slit the olive down one side, then open it and expose the pit. You should be able to just lift out the stone.

Pitting green olives, however, is another story. Because they’re unripe, they relentlessly cling to their stones. So use a small sharp paring knife to slice the meat off each side of the pit.

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