Do you have any suggestions for cooking with plum wine?

Paula asked Lauren:

We are “regulars” at a sushi restaurant in Harrison, and they just celebrated their 10th anniversary in business. They gave us a big bottle of plum wine to mark the occasion. I doubt we’ll drink it, but it might be good to cook with. Any ideas?

Lauren says:

Japanese plum wine is called “Ume-Shu” and its flavor is lightly sweet and sour and has been consumed in Japan for over 1000 years. Ume-Shu is made from a combination of green “Ume” plums and a white liquor called “Shochu” (which has an alcohol content of about 35%). Ume plums contain potassium and calcium and are said to be a very healthy choice (sans the alcohol, I’m sure!). Plum wine is available at well stocked shops that sell alcoholic beverages.

No need to wait to wait for summer, Paula, to eat fresh plums or to be given a bottle of Japanese plum wine. Here’s my recipe for Poached Plums in Spiced Plum Wine to get you in the mood for both.

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