Can I cook your ribs (from the I Love to Cook Book) and put them in the fridge overnight? Would I bring them to room temp before putting in the oven? Do you seen any problem with that?

It’s perfectly fine to poach ribs the day before but I would’t roast them until just before serving (Of course, leftovers can absolutly be reheated). Simply follow the directions in my video through poaching the ribs. Then, after allowing them to settle in their broth until just warm, remove them and coat them liberally with sauce.  Chill the ribs overnight in a covered, non-reactive baking dish or roasting pan (or a jumbo freezer bag). Take the ribs out an hour or so before roasting–and apply more sauce to both sides before laying the ribs (meaty side up) on a parchment-lined baking sheet and roasting until piping hot and glistening.

They’ll look like this!…Enjoy.

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