I’d like to make more sit-down dinners at home with my kids but I’m new at this. Can you give me a recipe that’s a favorite of your children?

Karin asked Lauren:

Dear Lauren,

I really love your new website, Lauren. I find myself looking at it often – for some kitchen inspiration. Unfortunately, my biggest boy will be leaving our apt soon, since he’ll be getting married. I’ve never been a cook at all for him and I’m just now feeling that this is very sad. Your philosophy about cooking, about nurturing, about loving is so true and I really want to get it going. For some of us, though, it’s foreign, like exercise or something. It really takes a push. Anyway, I’m not really asking for support here…just wanted to tell you that you’ve moved me and I’m really hoping to make some positive changes around mealtime with my younger son. I also wanted to thank you for helping me to see a different side of things when it comes to not just my cooking potential, but also to the pleasure waiting for me when exercising my responsibility as a nurturing parent. I really never saw things this way before I learned about you. Again, thank you (truly).

Lauren says…

Dear (dear) Karin,
I’m so happy (and proud and honored) to be able to personally assist you on your new journey to make the act of thoughtful home cooking a more regular part of your life! Let me assure you that the pleasures awaiting you are multidimensional, affecting all areas of your life in a very positive way. Not only will your younger son now get to experience a more healing and sensory enriched life, but you’ll soon see how your older son and his wife and, someday their children will gravitate toward this new dimension (thus they’ll all gravitate closer to you). In other words, your days of nurturing are far from being over. In fact, the best is yet to come! So, please put any retrospective “sadness” away since dwelling on those types of feelings will only keep you from fully enjoying all of the good stuff that’s coming.

As far as making cooking and shared meals “feel” less foreign, as with anything else that’s new, all that’s needed is some patience and the commitment to practice. I suggest you start slowly at first, adding sit-down dinners once or twice a week. That way, while those at home are getting used to this new “lifestyle feature,” you’ll be increasing your cooking know-how and stamina. Begin with simple dishes that are highly aromatic which will entice those around you to quickly come to the table, eager to experience your brand of deliciousness.

And, just to get you started, I’d like to give your family something extra delicious. This recipe for my Honey Roast Chicken is an absolute favorite of all three of my children and it’s always been at the very top of their “request list” for every one of their birthday dinners. Enjoy!

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