When Frying Corn Fritters

So sorry to have been so non-communicative! But, it’s been for good–no GREAT reasons. I just finished shooting a new television series called “Baking Made Easy with Lauren”…(more details to follow). I’m typing slow at the moment because (wouldn’t you know), a few days after we finished shooting, I burned my hand making corn fritters! Had to make a trip to the emergency room–Don’t panic (although we did) -I’m very lucky…the doc says I’ll heal perfectly, just need a week or two of MINIMAL cooking or baking (a fate almost worse than death to me). My guess, I’ll be trying to get back to my old cooking ways by tomorrow–Jon, of course, will meet me at the door to try to block my entrance, but I have my ways!

Oh..by the way, if you didn’t know this (I obviously didn’t)..when making corn fritters, the whole kernel corn (those closest to the outer surface of the batter), when in the hot oil,  they act like popcorn!! So, even though I used a spatter shield on top of the pot, when I lifted it to turn the fritters, the corn “popped” carrying with it the hot oil–which is what caused several burns on the outside of my right hand.

The Point: Although I’m bummed that my paw is wounded, I’m so happy that I get to help you to avoid the same fate. So (unless you have a full body shield), if making corn fritters, it’s best to chop the corn before adding it to the batter (chop enough to get to the same amount of whole corn asked for in your recipe).  My recipe uses delicious sautéed corn with red bell peppers and onions (BTW: the best corn fritters I’ve ever had…sans the drama, of course.) I’ll get you the recipe asap.

Oh, I’ve missed you! I can’t wait for you to see the series!!! (Coming this fall…)


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