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Lauren Groveman, well-known cooking and baking teacher and host of the public television series “Home Cooking with Lauren Groveman,” has perfected the art of cooking delicious, simple, homemade meals every day of the week—a luxury only dreamed of by most schedule-driven cooks. Lauren Groveman’s Kitchen, revised and updated and now available at long last in paperback, makes them possible again with a comprehensive, inspiring book that reinvents cooking as a relaxing, creative, fulfilling activity for even the busiest people. Replete with expert advice on the basics as well as innovative twists on recipes drawn from a wide array of culinary traditions, this is the book that can teach both the novice and experienced cook how to make soul-satisfying meals ranging from the homey to the sophisticated. Detailed, clearly written instructions, tips on time management, and an entire chapter on bread making (not to mention several brand-new recipes!) are just some of the features that make this generous volume the most dog-eared, sauce-stained reference in every kitchen.

Lauren Groveman’s Kitchen is currently out of print. (Because of the limited supply, each request will be handled by direct email, on a first come, first serve basis. Lauren is happy to personally inscribe each book, so be sure to specify this in your email.) You can also buy a used copy at and

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Readers’ Reviews

Truly a Wonderful Cookbook—the Kind of Recipe Collection I Dreamed About
I bought this book after purchasing Lauren Groveman’s latest cookbook, I Love to Cook. I became intrigued with Ms. Groveman’s message after I visited her website. Her philosophy of nurturing family and friends through cooking really resonated with me. As the mother of three boys and wife of a very hungry husband, mealtimes have always been a struggle for me. I was very glad to read I am not alone and there was someone who had devoted her entire career to spreading her message of hope for those of us who want to create a delicious and satisfying life.

After just a short time I have had phenomenal success with the recipes in this cookbook and I Love to Cook. Already the Sloppy Joes, Honey Roast Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese have become favorites. The Tuna Spread is to die for! Mom’s cocoa mix has come in so handy this winter as have all of her pantry staple mixes and spice blends. Cooking has become easy now; this book has shown me how to make meals happen in a big and wonderful way. No more agonizing about what to make for dinner, now I just open the book and there is always something just right for dinner, lunch or breakfast!

This is the kind of recipe collection I have always dreamed about. The recipes run the gamut and there is something here for every appetite and every occasion. This is hands down the most delicious food I have ever made or eaten! My kids are trying things I never thought they would, they especially love knowing I am making things from scratch just for them! The recipes are so well written and so precise that I feel like she is in the room with me helping me along! I have so many post it notes on different pages with recipes I cannot wait to try; Homemade Bagels, Potato Leek Soup with Chicken and Vegetables, Midnight Brownies( with or without a peanut butter pocket, yum!), the list goes on and on! I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to lavish love and delicious food on those their loved ones.

I never thought I could make food like this! I have made homemade bread twice already. For years I just could not figure out through my other cookbooks just how to have success with yeast breads and now after only a month I have had success twice! Ms. Groveman’s quick and yeast bread recipes are THE best I have ever had. I read the bread baking notes (Ch. 9) and it seemed as if the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. Finally I understood exactly what to do! That is the kind of teaching this book has to offer. Precise, accurate and totally delicious! Not only is Ms’ Groveman trying to show us what to cook but how to cook with a purpose, with a larger picture in mind. It is apparent to me now that each time I shop for my family’s meals, I am creating a memory through my cooking, not only a sensory memory but a memory my family will carry with them forever- perhaps to their own families and friends, of time shared and love deeply felt. Is there anything else more I could ask for? I am so glad I found this incredible book (so is my family). It has been a wonderful and delightful journey so far. Very Highly Recommended

It’s Like Having a Private Cooking Teacher at your Elbow!
Even if you are able to take classes with Lauren, as I was. Just bring your book to have it autographed! Having this book in your kitchen is really like having your own private cooking teacher standing at your elbow. The recipes are clearly written, but what’s more important, they are not just rehashed versions of recipes in other books. They are unique and delicious. If you make the banana bread pudding, and everyone you feed it to doesn’t swoon, you need new friends. Learning how to easily slice an onion and cut up a chicken is worth the price of the book alone. If you love to cook and feed people, this cookbook is a very worthwhile addition to your collection. I promise, you’ll be buying it to give as a present to all the cooks you know

Lauren Groveman’s Kitchen is passionate, creative and fun!!
It’s nice to find a cookbook written with passion and creativity. This is no run-of-the-mill cookbook. It’s filled with hundreds of simple, easy to use recipes written with style, wit and passion. It’s actually fun to read!! And so simple to use. A beautiful book to cherish and use for years to come. MOVE OVER, MARTHA STEWART!! Lauren Groveman is the culinary creator/advisor for the new Millennium! Buy this book! It makes a great gift for everyone from Gen Xer’s to Seniors!

This is the most user-friendly and thorough cookbook I’ve seen!
Lauren Groveman must have read my mind when she wrote this book! Somehow she does it all with every piece of information a busy neophyte appreciates as well as the sophistication one aspires to for impressive meals and desserts of every kind.
The “Tips from a Teacher,” “Time Management Tips” and “Q&A” inserts save time and frustration and have increased my confidence that culinary genius is not just for the pros any more! Ms. Groveman’s personal touches and philosophy make me feel as though I have a private gourmet cooking teacher—like a genie in a bottle—on my kitchen shelf.

This book contains tried-and-true recipes, with all the tips and tricks necessary to ensure success. Everything I’ve tried has been delectable, with such clear step-by-step instructions that it would be hard to fail. The book is marvelous.

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