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 After blackening the peppers, allow them to cool on a rack- uncovered-then simply push off the skins, remove the seeds and place in a bowl. At this point, although you can flavor the peppers with garlic, basil, etc., I prefer to leave them alone, keeping them as neutral as possible. That way, you can use them differently during the week. Keep refrigerated but allow to come close to room temperature, for best flavor.  Soft swoops... Doesn't get better.
 Parmesan crisps: finely shredded best-quality parmesan, heated in a thin, even layer in a nonstick skillet till bubbling and light golden on the bottom. Remove from heat and let settle and firm up just until you can slide a heat-proof rubber spatula underneath and turn cheese over. Put back over medium flame until golden on other side (lift with spatula to check). Let settle then remove to wire rack to cool and crisp. Break into shards and serve as salad garnish or as bar-food-snack. So delish!  Need an idea for din-din tonight? Halibut with linguine marinara.

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Cooking for a Delicious Life: A Lauren Groveman Kitchen Instructional Video Series

Aprons for Real Life with Matching Towels
Designed for real-life cooking, this Apron is just the thing for keeping everything a busy, 21st-century multi-tasking cook needs within reach at all times.
I Love to Cook: A Lauren Groveman Kitchen Cookbook
Bring back the joy of cooking with Lauren's acclaimed second cookbook.
Lauren Groveman's Kitchen Cookbook
Makes homemade meals possible again with a comprehensive, inspiring book that reinvents cooking as a relaxing, creative, fulfilling activity for even the busiest people.

Apron for Real Life™ with Matching Towels

photo credit Michael Benabib

Are you tired of always searching for your reading glasses while cooking?

Do you continually reach for a paper towel because your kitchen towel is never close?

Are your oven mitts at the other end of the kitchen when something hot comes out of the oven?

Does the cord on your iPod or cell phone continually get caught on a kitchen drawer knob?

And—did you ever wish someone would invent an apron with all the functions above,
in addition to the classic white color?

Well, so did Lauren—that’s why she created the new Apron for Real Life™.

Designed for real-life cooking, the Apron for Real Life™ (which comes with two matching kitchen towels) is just the thing for keeping everything a busy, 21st-century multi-tasking cook needs within reach at all times.

large aprons and washclothsThe Apron for Real Life™ with matching towels is available in four luscious colors: Sugar (white), Cream (beige), Chocolate (brown) and Licorice (black).

Apron Details and Features

  • Pre-washed, 100% cotton apron is machine washable
  • Two thirsty, color-matched, 100% flat-weave LARGE cotton kitchen towels included
  • Neck strap with adjustable button closure and barely visible button holes
  • Extra long waist ties
  • large aprons and washcloths

  • Handy strap for securing eyeglasses
  • Front pocket to carry an iPod, cell phone, cordless phone
  • Two side buttons for attaching the loops on oven mitts
  • Two convenient side straps for hanging kitchen towels
  • Three additional pockets for everything else

Secure your eyeglasses, carry your iPod, stash your cell phone, tuck your kitchen towels, and button on your oven mitts and you’ll still have room for toting around your Blackberry, your cordless phone and a note pad and pencil to take those phone messages! And if you’ve ever been reluctant to wear an apron while entertaining for fear of mussing your hair taking it on and off, you’ll love the button closure (with button holes that are barely visible!) on the neck strap which makes for a perfect “do” and a perfect you. With an adjustable neck strap and extra long waist ties, this truly efficient apron will fit just about anyone.

One Apron for Real Life set (includes apron and two color-matched towels)


Two Apron for Real Life sets (buy two sets and save $5!)


One Apron for Real Life set, and personally inscribed copy of the The “I Love to Cook” Book


Personally inscribed copy of the The “I Love to Cook” Book


Additional Color-Matched Towels