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 My son Ben's first pane di casa!!! Gorgeous!!  Parmesan crisps: finely shredded best-quality parmesan, heated in a thin, even layer in a nonstick skillet till bubbling and light golden on the bottom. Remove from heat and let settle and firm up just until you can slide a heat-proof rubber spatula underneath and turn cheese over. Put back over medium flame until golden on other side (lift with spatula to check). Let settle then remove to wire rack to cool and crisp. Break into shards and serve as salad garnish or as bar-food-snack. So delish!
 After blackening the peppers, allow them to cool on a rack- uncovered-then simply push off the skins, remove the seeds and place in a bowl. At this point, although you can flavor the peppers with garlic, basil, etc., I prefer to leave them alone, keeping them as neutral as possible. That way, you can use them differently during the week. Keep refrigerated but allow to come close to room temperature, for best flavor.  Soft swoops... Doesn't get better.

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Kitchen Equipment for Home Cooking

From apple corers to whisks, here are all the tools to make cooking as fun, easy and efficient as possible. Unless otherwise mentioned, I recommend stainless steel for its durability and resistance to rust. Those tools that I consider essential and use most often in my recipes are listed in Must Haves. All of these items should be available in your local hardware store for a modest price. If not, check the housewares section of a department store or specialty kitchen shop. In Fancy Footwork, you’ll find a list of more specialized tools; though I don’t consider them essential to a basic, well-tooled kitchen, they are wonderful to have in your kitchen as well. Many are designed to make specific cooking tasks a breeze; others are things you’ll definitely want to have as you advance your culinary skills. See Lauren’s Favorite Links for “where to buy” internet sources.

Below is a list of the basic essentials to accomplish a multitude of tasks for various cuisines, plus many implements that are so helpful, I’ve come to regard them as essentials in my kitchen. You’ll also find some tools and cookware that are nice to have, but not necessary. The following listings are arranged under the headings of kitchen tools, knives, and stovetop and oven cookware for general purposes and equipment primarily for baking. There is also a section on small hand or electric appliances.