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To me, the home is the most personally consequential place on earth and a busy kitchen is the heart that pumps physical fortification, sensory stimulation and a feeling of emotional safety throughout a household.

Yes, home is the most important place on earth, and you have it in your power to make yours the center of a really delicious life. And your kitchen is the heart of that center. It can be used to create and sustain a home that truly feels like a sacred place, where you can explore and express your creative side, while nurturing the body, spirit and soul of your family. You can, at whim, choose to use your kitchen to surround and soothe yourself—and those who are most important to you—with comforting sounds and scents that reflect your commitment to provide those in your home with the simple pleasure of preparing and sharing delicious food, and ultimately, a deep sense of love, of safety and of devotion.

If your home has become a veritable pit-stop for your family—a place for dropping off books, changing shoes, and picking up ipods before grabbing a quick bite of “fast food” and zooming off to the next activity—then perhaps it is time to make some changes. Taking pre-prepared food and putting it on a platter says to a family “eat.” But sitting down to a candlelit table on a random weeknight, after a chicken has been roasting or some chops have been searing or some onions have been sautéing says something much more significant—BREATHE. Breathing feeds every cell of our bodies (not just our stomachs!) and helps us to become fully restored—emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I’m here to help you learn how you can give yourself—and your family—a more delicious life. In this section you will find everything you need to begin making “sitting down together as a family for a thoughtfully-prepared home cooked meal,” a life priority. As you browse through the information, it’s important to understand that becoming “fit” in the kitchen is just like working up to lasting 45 minutes on the treadmill or repetitively bench-pressing 150 pounds. And just like your workouts at the gym, you need to have a plan; you need to have knowledge (so you’ll know what to do while you’re there!); you need the right equipment (and learn how to use it correctly); and you need to organize your life, your kitchen and your time so that time spent in the kitchen is in perfect sync with “you,” however busy your days may be.

Remember, whether you establish a tradition of the whole family sitting down to a delicious and nurturing meal every day, once a week, or even just once a month, the important thing is to do it regularly. When done in the right spirit, I promise that your family will look forward to those special moments of sharing, of togetherness, with great anticipation. And as time marches on, the many happy “sensory” memories they will be gathering will, for all of their lives, remind them of home—of the comfort, of the love, and of the truly wonderful life that you’ve provided!