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May 24, 2018 • Comments (0)

I know you’ve experienced the feeling of disappointment in others- We all have. Times when we’re appalled at someone’s minimizing remark, at their lack of sensitivity, when we feel unappreciated and misunderstood. Times when we hoped someone would sincerely apologize, but they don’t-or they don’t do it in a way where we buy it— Disappointment deepens, a feeling of mistrust emerges and only gets further fattened by avoidance. Each time the story replays in our head, our mood gets darker because we just can’t understand why this person that we think should know us, should understand us and should be… continue reading
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March 25, 2010 • Comments (5)
Teachable moments.

I just got home from teaching “the girls” in Brooklyn, New York. This was only my second cooking class in this juvenile delinquent center, whose adolescent residents are remanded to reside for three to six months– I wanted to do something (cook something) that I thought they would love–love to prepare, love to smell while it was cooking and, most of all, love to eat. I also am always on the look-out for “teachable moments”–times during the cooking/baking process that I could use to highlight some of the thoughts, feelings and hopes that we all have in common. One goal of mine is… continue reading
• • • • •

March 18, 2010 • Comments (3)
Turn on the light!

Today illustrated perfectly how amazing life is–and how in control we (all) are to make things better, even when “all things” don’t happen to our liking. I’ve had some personal challenges lately that have wanted to pull me down emotionally–And after a day of teaching cooking / life skills to young female juvenile delinquents I, once again, feel such a positive sense of powerfulness.   The point: Life continually reminds me that when personal circumstances feel negative, the best way to quickly pull oneself up is to turn on the light! “Do” for someone else–change the focus from thinking (and feeling) about the woes of “me,… continue reading
• • • • •

March 13, 2010 • Comments (0)
When was the last time you had your oven checked?

Although human emotions start out nice and warm (inside)–isn’t it amazing how, if left to run rampant,  we can become really hot? Our face can get tomato red when we’re angry or frustrated (or hormonal!)–blotched out in purple-pink patches when we’re scared and/or nervous and deliciously flushed when we’re turned on. Although we often end up feeling internally mugged by our feelings, the truth is that emotions are simply a reflection of the degree to which we choose to surrender to inner and outer triggers. “He made me so mad,” or “If she doesn’t hurry up I’m going to explode!” or “I can’t believe I just did that–I’m so embarrassed!” The first point: Feelings, whether negative… continue reading
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April 28, 2009 • Comments (3)
Godliness Revealed, at Home.

I was walking my dog this morning and, as it usually happens, I started thinking…  “It’s not surprising that the word “Dog” is “God” spelled backwards; not when you watch a dog in their everyday interactions. Most dogs really do exhibit Godly qualities, albeit some more than others…”  Here’s Mango and Rosebud…  Although the one on top is clearly the rascal in the family, I’ve learned valuable things from and have been inspired by both, Mango… continue reading
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