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June 12, 2010 • Comments (11)
Have parents gone absolutely mad?

In the paper this morning, on the front page, was the big news about finally finding Abby Sunderland, the 16 year old girl that was allowed to attempt to set a new world record for being the youngest person (ever) to go around the world on a 40-foot sailboat (ALONE!)–in what proved to be treacherous (extremely life-threatening) conditions (duh). Her brother had done it at 17–and you know what sibling rivalry does… 16 became the number that would beat her brother–What if instead of finally being located–if she had gotten irrevocably swallowed up by one of those 50 foot waves? Is that what… continue reading
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February 5, 2010 • Comments (5)
A Mother and a Mango

As the mother of three grown kids, do you think me doing this (below) marks the end of something??      continue reading
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November 30, 2009 • Comments (9)
Here’s a celebration cake you’ll make for the rest of your life. (No joke!)

I want to share with you a cake recipe that is so amazingly delicious, so incredibly easy, so personally affirming to those you make it for, that you will (no doubt about it) be making it for the rest of your life. No joke!, not after you make it once. I’ve been thinking of writing to you about this cake for a while–first because I recently served it to my family (for the gazillionth time), in celebration of my son’s birthday (Ben), but what made me “have” to write about it was after seeing one of my daughters (Jessie),… continue reading
• • • • •

November 15, 2009 • Comments (0)
Was it the ultimate betrayal or a true act of love?

I’m baackkk!! The flu finally left (good riddens…) and I am back, feeling as feisty as ever. While sick, I would collect articles from the newspaper–stories that would normally rile me up to take a stand, but I was too sick to type about it. Oh, I’ve been collecting articles for years; first, for my weekly talk-radio show “Food, Family and Home Matters” and then for the self-mastery course I teach in jail (on Rikers Island), to adolescent guys and girls. Regardless of the audience, the reason for clipping and collecting articles was (and is) always to help highlight timely… continue reading
• • • • •

November 1, 2009 • Comments (6)
A lousy cold throws a wrench into my cooking gears.

I have the flu. (Boo-hoo.) I was going to make my son’s birthday dinner this weekend, but I’m just too sick. OHHH, I get so mad when I’m too tired to cook– (OK, so I’ve decided to let you see the over-achiever in me because I’m just too sick to hold it back and play nice). I had it all planned… I was going to make Ben’s favorites! Oh well–I guess there’s always next weekend. Since last Monday, here are the three highlights of my cooking and eating experiences ….All of which, by the way, are nothing to… continue reading
• • • • •

October 27, 2009 • Comments (0)
It’s my boy’s birthday and he’s not home.

Today is my eldest child, Ben’s, birthday (he’s 27 today!) and he’s not home. He’s away on a business trip and I haven’t even been able to connect verbally to him —I’m missing him so much…Not being able to say “happy birthday”…is something that seems totally un-natural to a parent, especially a parent that was given their greatest wish, the day that this child was born. “No worries” (I keep telling myself…). “His birthday dinner is coming (this Friday).. late…but, I trust, it will be great just the same. Benjamin, my darling son, I love you so very much. You are… continue reading
• • • • •

August 10, 2009 • Comments (6)
Words of wisdom, for a new bride.

I was asked to share a few words of wisdom for a written “Guide” that’s being assembled for a young, beautiful bride who is to be married this October. Ok, here goes… Over the years, I’ve learned many things about the overall (and ongoing) pursuit of happiness. Not just from being blessed with an extremely special marital relationship but, oddly, I’ve discovered so many answers about inner, emotional freedom from teaching in prison, a place of confinement and considerable darkness. The secret for creating and maintaining a life of love and light… For most of us, we wait for others to be for… continue reading
• • • • •

August 4, 2009 • Comments (1)
Custom-made caring.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted a blog in a few weeks. I’ve been SO busy cooking and baking! …The kids are all home from school coming and going and their friends, too, have been in and out. It’s been amazing and, I must say, pretty exhausting (especially when added to my work). But having the kids around is such a gift. And, cooking my children’s favorites (as well as their friend’s favorites) has always been my way to convey my understanding of what makes them happy on the inside. (Of course, I’m no dope…I also know that doing this is great way to… continue reading
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