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June 7, 2010 • Comments (0)
What’s a fate worse than death?

Being my dentist.  No joke, just ask my mother– Trust me, this is something she would remember. All throughout my childhood, poor (aptly named) “Dr. Silver” would end our appointments MUCH more silver-haired than he was at the beginning. Literally having to chase me around the dental chair (his breath reaking of Luden’s licorice-flavored cough drops)–I would shreak the same way I would when my mother would come at me with a comb after washing my waste-length hair (these were the days before the invention of cream-rinse or conditioner–so don’t judge me harshly until you’ve experienced this nightmare yourself).  Anyway, the doctor… continue reading
• • • • •

May 28, 2010 • Comments (3)
Before I grow old, let me blog.

Ok, I get it–I need to blog more often. Believe me, it’s not for lack of wanting to but I’ve been so busy teaching (with all the inherent shopping, schlepping and prepping), life-coaching my individual clients and taking care of my family, that I’m practically comatose after the dinner dishes are all dried and tucked away. Yesterday, after teaching cooking all day in Brooklyn–I was so exhausted that in insides of my ears hurt and the only way to get a second wind, so I could cook dinner for my family, was to turn on the radio and start… continue reading
• • • • •

February 5, 2010 • Comments (5)
A Mother and a Mango

As the mother of three grown kids, do you think me doing this (below) marks the end of something??      continue reading
• • • • •

January 30, 2010 • Comments (7)
My Muse.

Jon, my husband, has always been my muse.  He says things that make me laugh, he provokes me to wonder, to debate, to investigate and, once I officially solidify my thoughts, his supportive nature makes me brave enough to share those thoughts with the world. I’m inspired by his calmness and also by his ability to take a passionate stand. I’m continually surprised by his unique combination of incredible strength, intellectual smarts AND an ironic inner innocence–this sweet desire to trust, when there’s so much (everywhere) to instigate wariness. Like just the other day–We were at the airport going to Florida… continue reading
• • • • •

November 1, 2009 • Comments (6)
A lousy cold throws a wrench into my cooking gears.

I have the flu. (Boo-hoo.) I was going to make my son’s birthday dinner this weekend, but I’m just too sick. OHHH, I get so mad when I’m too tired to cook– (OK, so I’ve decided to let you see the over-achiever in me because I’m just too sick to hold it back and play nice). I had it all planned… I was going to make Ben’s favorites! Oh well–I guess there’s always next weekend. Since last Monday, here are the three highlights of my cooking and eating experiences ….All of which, by the way, are nothing to… continue reading
• • • • •

October 19, 2009 • Comments (7)
The “Catch” of a Lifetime.

Oh well. This weekend, Jon and I were “supposed” to go on a (very) short fishing trip. The kids are all in their respective places (school and work) and, for the very first time, I agreed to put Mango (our 3 year old Lab.) into doggie camp and we were going to Montauk, Long Island for a much needed, teeny-weeny vacation. Of course, that’s not to say that real fishing is easy–it’s not! But it’s really FUN! Last March, we went to the Bahamas for a week and fished ALL day, every day … [caption id=”attachment_3345″ align=”alignnone” width=”300″ caption=”We're fishing off shore and I have a… continue reading
• • • • •

September 5, 2009 • Comments (8)
A very “thaw-full” time…

You know what they say…give a girl a bigger closet and she’ll just fill it up with clothes! Well, I rarely shop for clothes but I’ve become a real hoarder when it comes to shopping for food–and my freezer is just busting with all kinds of things from raw meat and poultry to a variety of types of homemade stock and other cooked concoctions that were so good, I had to save them for another night (although “another night” just never seems to come because…well, because I simply love to shop for fresh food and COOK!!). So, a few days ago, when I saw that I almost… continue reading
• • • • •

August 29, 2009 • Comments (1)
On composting…

Well, I’m doing it! Yes Siree, I’ve forgotten all about being the “hostess with the mostest” …now, I’ve become fixated on having the compost with the most toast! (Listen, if I ever start cooking specifically for my compost, just shoot me…) Actually, not too much bread goes into my compost bin, just LOTS and LOTS of kitchen scraps. All day long I’m adding stuff to my kitchen compost pail…and, by the way, if you’re considering getting this, before you spend the money on any one in particular (whether an outdoor compost bin or an indoor kitchen scrap collector), you need to really… continue reading
• • • • •

August 12, 2009 • Comments (1)
In a pickle…

I just opened a jar of delicious homemade bread and butter pickles (a formal recipe and a separate blog is coming) and, there’s something about “putting up” foods that make me really want to be a good gardener, which I’m NOT. Oh, you don’t believe me? Here, look at this years “crop”… (and it’s already the middle of August!)  Oh, forgive me but I spoke too soon! continue reading
• • • • •

April 28, 2009 • Comments (3)
Godliness Revealed, at Home.

I was walking my dog this morning and, as it usually happens, I started thinking…  “It’s not surprising that the word “Dog” is “God” spelled backwards; not when you watch a dog in their everyday interactions. Most dogs really do exhibit Godly qualities, albeit some more than others…”  Here’s Mango and Rosebud…  Although the one on top is clearly the rascal in the family, I’ve learned valuable things from and have been inspired by both, Mango… continue reading
• • • • •