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February 26, 2011 • Comments (3)
I always have room for Vitello Tonnato

Because vitello tonnato is a specialty of the Piedmont region, this dish was on every menu in every restaurant we visited all through our trip. Having said that, it was only one extremely random and casual eatery that had me driven to make it myself as soon as I got back home–so random that I don’t remember the name of it–bummer. Anyway, I’ve made Vitello tonnato lots of times in a very short time since I’ve been back and so far everyone goes crazy for it–I hope you will, too!  Vitello tonnato is roast veal that’s chilled, sliced paper thin–and served surrounding a generous dollop of… continue reading
• • • • •

February 2, 2011 • Comments (6)
Day 1 of Cooking in Monforte d’Alba, Italy

See, I told you I’d be back soon!  Ok–We flew, from JFK International airport and landed in Malpensa, the airport in Milan.  Our first two nights were at Relais San Maurizio, a gorgeous spa/hotel (that is a converted Monastery) that’s in the area of Piedmont –a  2 hour car ride from the airport.  Going to a spa was a great way to soften the effects of jet-lag while also breaking up a long trip from the city to the country side, which is where we would spend most of our trip.    continue reading
• • • • •

February 1, 2011 • Comments (3)
The trip of a lifetime.

Did you ever experience something that you felt was really personally transforming–and then wanted to share it (talk about the experience) with others but the thoughts and feelings felt so big–too big to begin? Well, that’s how I’ve felt about my recent trip to Piedmont, Italy–which was just before Thanksgiving (thus the reason why you haven’t heard a peep from me since my last blog about making duck confit!). So, first, I want to apologize–I’ve recieved many sweet, kind (and concerned) emails asking me “where are you??” Please know that I’m never “missing” because I don’t want to connect–I just sometimes become very filled with what’s… continue reading
• • • • •

June 12, 2010 • Comments (11)
Have parents gone absolutely mad?

In the paper this morning, on the front page, was the big news about finally finding Abby Sunderland, the 16 year old girl that was allowed to attempt to set a new world record for being the youngest person (ever) to go around the world on a 40-foot sailboat (ALONE!)–in what proved to be treacherous (extremely life-threatening) conditions (duh). Her brother had done it at 17–and you know what sibling rivalry does… 16 became the number that would beat her brother–What if instead of finally being located–if she had gotten irrevocably swallowed up by one of those 50 foot waves? Is that what… continue reading
• • • • •

January 30, 2010 • Comments (7)
My Muse.

Jon, my husband, has always been my muse.  He says things that make me laugh, he provokes me to wonder, to debate, to investigate and, once I officially solidify my thoughts, his supportive nature makes me brave enough to share those thoughts with the world. I’m inspired by his calmness and also by his ability to take a passionate stand. I’m continually surprised by his unique combination of incredible strength, intellectual smarts AND an ironic inner innocence–this sweet desire to trust, when there’s so much (everywhere) to instigate wariness. Like just the other day–We were at the airport going to Florida… continue reading
• • • • •

December 26, 2009 • Comments (2)
My Birthday in BARCELONA!!

So sorry I haven’t written sooner but you might have gathered from my past blogs, that I’m not the type to just slap something together…And, after getting back from Spain, trying to get my house up and running…Then with the snow, the kids all coming home AND with work, I’ve been unable to finish this–So, before our fabulous trip to Spain becomes a faint memory (and now that my duck confit has just come off the stove…), I’ve decided that TODAY IS THE DAY that I will finally tell you all about our delicious trip. First of all, going to Barcelona to celebrate my birthday… continue reading
• • • • •

November 15, 2009 • Comments (0)
Was it the ultimate betrayal or a true act of love?

I’m baackkk!! The flu finally left (good riddens…) and I am back, feeling as feisty as ever. While sick, I would collect articles from the newspaper–stories that would normally rile me up to take a stand, but I was too sick to type about it. Oh, I’ve been collecting articles for years; first, for my weekly talk-radio show “Food, Family and Home Matters” and then for the self-mastery course I teach in jail (on Rikers Island), to adolescent guys and girls. Regardless of the audience, the reason for clipping and collecting articles was (and is) always to help highlight timely… continue reading
• • • • •

May 14, 2009 • Comments (0)
What do home cooks really need from Food-TV? (Less commiserating and voyeurism and more educating, please!)

There was an article in a recent Sunday New York Times, written by Jodi Rudoren, that really bothered me. In this article, front and center, was a picture, a caricature depicting a “slice of life” in this writer’s home, at dinnertime. Although the author of this article succeeded at conveying her personal frustration, her claim to know what the American home cook really wants to see on TV is, I feel, presumptuous and ultimately incorrect. I say this from what I know, in a first hand way, as a professional cooking/baking teacher, a devoted wife and mother… continue reading
• • • • •