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Baking Made Easy with Lauren

Lauren has enjoyed being the host of the televsion series called “Baking Made Easy with Lauren” which aired nationally on PBS and also WE–tv®. In each episode, Lauren aims to help educate and inspire bakers of all levels! And Lauren wants you to know that all the emails filled with kind words of praise and support are very much appreciated!

What Viewers are Saying about Baking Made Easy with Lauren

Jackie October 16

I caught your show for the first time yesterday, and I will be watching the schedule for more! I love your down-to-earth attitude and the simplicity of your directions. Thanks for a sweet half hour yesterday! I’ll be looking for your books, too!

Lori Patano October 24

I watched Baking Made Easy with Lauren. The atmosphere Lauren creates is warm and friendly. Nothing seems fussy or forced. She demonstrated three recipes in a short time with helpful hints and good explanations that any baker can use. I look forward to watching more of her baking and trying her recipes myself.

Christine Reilly October 24  

What delicious recipes! This is a must watch show. Lauren is a pleasure to watch and makes baking easy and fun! Can’t wait for the next episode!

Julie Koehn October 24  

I think that Lauren is a perfect TV hostess. She shows the tools she used and explained their purpose. She empowered me to go to the store and look for them too. Lauren explained her ingredients one after the other very clearly as well as the tools she uses to make the process go smoothly. Plus, she’s a woman with heart and somewhat transparent to her viewers to share how baking and love go hand in hand. I’ve never been much of a baker. I’m more a main meal cook. But I could feel as though I could try being a baker with Lauren’s guidance.

Joe Baker October 27

Lauren is a lot of fun and she invites you in to her home with ease. She has the ability to talk you through the recipe as if you are a friend or family member. Baking Made Easy helps bring the simplicity and warmth back to our kitchens.

George Giankulis November 1

 You are a great teacher and I have learned alot from watching your show. Thanks again for being so nice and for your “great” show that I  never miss on Detroit Public Television.

Lisa Janick November 3

Those brownies are insane!!!!!! I made the ones with a peanut butter filling for my husband and 8 year old son and (although I’m a beginner) they now look at me like I’m this amazing
baker—I can’t thank you enough, Lauren! I watched you for the first time a few
days ago and was mesmerized by your ease on camera and also with the amount of
emotion you are generous enough to share with the viewing audience. Your love
of your family and the way you have utilized baking to help connect you to them
in such a special way has truly inspired me. Thank you, again. I am a fan for

Diana Lopez November 4

Your program is the best I’ve seen yet– and believe me I’ve seen a lot of them, but you by far are the best –the passion and how much you care about what you do is fantastic. Love you and I will be one of your fans!

Anna Starr November 5

Hi, Lauren. Thank you for a wonderful show! I just turned 60-years-old and have always wanted to bake, but have been intimidated by it. After years and years of watching cooking shows, you are the first person to describe the details (what a good teacher!) needed to make me feel comfortable with trying to bake, and also the first one to put some love and spirituality into the process! It’s rare for me to find something so precious that I want to pass it along to my loved ones. Thanks for inspiring me.

Sandra November 8

Hello Lauren. I was so very pleased you answered my email so promptly and was most helpful. I love your show and I do hope it will continue. Watching you bake is like a ½ hour of happiness for me. My Grandfather was a baker and pioneered the area I now live in. It must be in my Genes, my love of bread baking. I have made your Challah and it was marvellous. Thank you so very much. Cheers from Canada!

LeeAnn Atwood November 8

Today I caught the last part of your show on making breads. I loved how you did your braided bread and your loaf of sandwich bread was great. My loaves never get that nice and high. I have always wanted to do this and I am determined to try it your way for Thanksgiving. Thank you very much for having a show that is both useful for the beginner and helpful to show us the tip and tricks that we never picked up when we were younger.

Linda B November 8

First time I saw this show and LOVED it. So easy to understand and follow. I am going to look for her cookbook.

Jackie O November 10

I watched BME with Lauren and I enjoyed it very much. I have Lauren’s cook books and love her recipes. Lauren is very knowledgeable and a great teacher. It really is like having a one on one baking session in your own kitchen. I appreciate and love her show very much!

Jim Drake November 10

Where have you been! Of all the TV food shows I watch, no one has grabbed me like you!
Please keep up the great work. I might actually try my hand at bread making
(for the first time) after watching you. I love your ease—your sense of humor is
adorable (you’re funny!!) and the way you handle dough is amazing. I’m a forever fan.

Albert Daulerio November 13

Best Baking Show Ever! Love Lauren!

Shirley November 18

Best baking show. Lauren explains everything so well and I love watching the show. I am in Canada and will tell all my friends about it. I love baking but need to learn so much more and I am sure I will if I keep watching. You bet, I will.

Joyce Huff November 21

I viewed “Baking Made Easy” for the first time this morning…I LOVED IT! The hostess has such a cute personality; she makes it fun to watch and learn. I have to wonder why this program is aired only once a week…at a time on Monday morning when most younger women (the ones who would benefit most from the show) are at work. I hope that this show is aired more frequently and at different times so more non-bakers have the opportunity to tune in. Thank you for your kind attention. I’ll be a steady viewer…starting today.

Bob and Lori November 21  

First view for us. Great show. Serendipitously, my wife and I discovered your show just today, Nov. 21, following “America’s Test Kitchen” (The perfect Thanksgiving Turkey). You demonstrated cornbread muffins and a cornbread dessert. Since then, just an hour ago, we have found your website and you-tube offerings. Terrific stuff! You are brilliant, articulate, talented, gifted, and your show is entertaining, interesting, fun and compelling. Many thanks!

Debra Scruggs November 23

I saw Lauren bake the twisted Challah bread. She is wonderful….she’s a fabulous teacher. She makes you feel like you’re at home cooking with a friend…without gimmicks, or hype. She is for real. I’ve only caught one program so far, but I will try to catch more now that I know what a treat it will be…and I’ll have my notepad ready, too!

Barbara A. Douvier December 4

What a pleasant surprise to see you. I have seen you at least 50 times with Julia Childs on channel 17 in the evening. I had channel 2 on Saturday morning and there you were. You have not aged and I look forward to watching you. You are wonderful and I enjoy you.

Emily December 5

I’m looking forward to more baking shows, very enjoyable to watch, make’s baking look so easy, glad you’re on TV!

Mrs. Lora Lamberth December 5

I am a mother of twin girls who are almost 10 months old. When I saw your show (with you and your two daughters) and how easy and fun baking can be I started baking in the kitchen with my girls! I can not tell you what a mess of fun we are having! I really enjoy your show! Thank you for inspiring me to teach my little girls how to have fun in the kitchen and it gives me special time with my beautiful girls!

AmyR December 6

Just saw the show on PBS for my first time. I really enjoyed her style and thorough instructions. LOVE that her dog is walking around her kitchen. : )

Antoinette December 11 

I want to tell you how much I love your show and what an AMAZING teacher you are! You are a very lovely person. I can watch your shows all day long. I hope you will keep making the videos and TV shows! I, and I am sure many other people, truly appreciate your beautiful personality and your wonderful talent. Thank you so much!

Diana  December 11

Dear Lauren, I accidently stumbled upon your new show two week ago and found your website. I want to let you know how much I appreciate your teaching methods. I have been searching for videos or  TV shows about bread making for some time and I have even bought a number of books on the subject. Yet none seemed to really help me and I wanted to master bread making so badly. It is something that is sooooo comforting and homey and satisfying and healing. Thanks again for your clear simple down-to-earth instructions. I still havent’ tried some of the recipes because I still lack confidence but I am getting there thanks to your show and encouragement.

Brenda Dulaney January 2

Hello Lauren. I have to tell you I am one of your best fans ! … I really love your show on PBS, and make it a point to watch every Saturday morning, “before” I go out to do chores !! You have a great “way” of explaining, even tho I am a long time cook and baker .. I “learn” each and every time I see your show ! Oh …..PS…. LOVE THE DOG !

Bill December 31

Hi. I love Laurens attitude, knowledge and kindness. You are by far the most enjoyable person/personality on all Television, not limited to food shows. Never, ever change!!

Lillian George January 2

I don’t usually write comments to / on TV shows (actually this is my first time) but I felt compelled to say that Lauren Groveman is simply wonderful! The episode I just saw, about the homemade biscuit mix, the butter, the scones, the shortcakes—were just gorgeous and most generous. Most of all, it was her philosophy, that even though we work, we don’t need to give up homemade goodness—was really inspiring. Her voice, too, is very soothing. I feel like I could watch her forever. Thank you for this program.

Janie Schlater January 8

So glad I found you (on TV and I also love this website!!) I just watched you making pizza dough—and wanted to tell you that this show really resonated with me! My twin boys are about to have their 5th birthday and I was thinking of ordering a bunch of pizzas to serve to about 15 kids and their moms. But, I was worried, thinking “how would I ever keep delivered pizzas warm.” (Honestly, the kids could care less but I was really thinking about the moms, who, I know, don’t want to eat lukewarm pizza!) Then, I saw YOU, just this morning, making homemade pizza in a way that actually makes sense for a party! Not only am I going to do this for the birthday party, but I think my husband would love it if I did this for our friends for this year’s Superbowl! THANK YOU!!!

Michelle Dinan January 8

Every recipe I’ve followed from Lauren has been spot on…. I too found her “Baking Made Easy” episode by chance but first became a fan after watching and replicating her bagel technique while watching “Baking with Julia” long ago. I now DVR all episodes of her show. Thank you Lauren for offering recipes that elevate the bar.

Susan J. January 9

Just wanted to say I love your show “Baking Made Easy.” I made the Pumpkin Custard Torte for Thanksgiving. It turned out beautifully–and tasted great—love the different taste and texture combinations. Thanks for the recipe and the tips!

Judy Aims January 12

I’m so glad I found your site! I’ve been trying to post a comment on the site called “Baking Made Easy” but I could not see my comment–don’t know what I was doing wrong! Anyway, I am determined to find a way to tell you that you are just the best! I have always loved to bake, but stopped because of my hectic work schedule–i could just never get motivated. That’s all changed after watching you! You have taught me so much, Lauren. You reminded me of things that I knew but forgot and many other things that I never knew before. Your program has reawakened my love of baking–And now that I’ve found this site, I can also learn to cook from you! I plan to make chicken soup and biscuits, “ala Lauren” this weekend! I have no idea why I haven’t seen you before, but I want you to know that i’m a fan for life. Thank you for your generous spirit and easy manner! I hope you get this comment!!

Barb Mitchell  January 12

Lauren, I love your show, and you give us such great tips. I am learning so much. Thank You.

Lisa Grant January 15 

Lauren is not only a talented baker and chef, she is a fabulous teacher. She gives even the most inexperienced of home cooks the confidence to try any recipe. I will keep watching and following her blog.

Susan F. January, 18

Im so excited to tell you that I watched your pizza dough show over the weekend when I was visiting with my daughter (she had taped it because she works when your show airs in NY) and it was wonderful! Although, we do make our own pizza at home, I’ve never made my own pizza dough (I buy Trader Joe’s), and you inspired me to try it! My daughter and I had just gotten in from having dinner when we watched the episode and even though we were both very full, when you bit into the slice of pizza at the end, we wanted a bite!! I can’t wait to try it on my own. I’ll let you know how it goes! Thank you so much!

K. McMurtry  January 20

I have all your shows DVR-ed so I can refer back to them for recipes to try later. I really enjoy your style. You’re not “dumbing” it down, you’re really giving some great tips to improve my baking that no one else takes the time to share. Thanks again!

Angie January 20

Hello Lauren — I recently came across your show “Baking made Easy” which prompted me to go to your website.  I love the simple, but detailed way you explain everything.  I love your show.  By the way, I made Great Banana Bread — it was demolished within an hour of placing it on the table.  I’m very anxious to try more of your recipes.  Thank you so much, Lauren.

Luisa  January 21

My husband is not much of a cooking or baking person – leaves this to me.  He was flipping thru the channels idly on 1/21/2012.  He loved the Pizza Party show – He found the show very interesting and easy to follow.  Guess what!  He wants to try making pizza dough.  Thank you Lauren for your educational program.

Janet  January 22

Wow ! I just saw your bread making show. You make it look really easy and possible to do at home. I can’t wait to get started.  Thanks for the great tips!

Randy M.  January 23

I DVR your programs and just watched the pizza show (wow!). I now look at pizza dough with a much larger perspective–THANK YOU! Looking forward to making the dough your way. I’m hoping my wife will revisit your brownie show as well as those peanut butter heart cookies : – ) …. I appreciate your attention to detail and the fun you have baking is very apparent–and is contagious!

Mary Malik  January 26

I recently saw your show for the first time and I was amazed at how well you explain the baking processes you use on your show.  After watching you, what seemed too overwhelming to me , now looks like something I can handle! LOL! Thanks Lauren!

Sandy  January 30

Dear Lauren,
I can’t tell you how excited I am about stumbling onto your television show!  It’s very different than other cooking shows. You make it feel very “homey”! I LOVE your kitchen!  I plan on watching all of the videos on this site and making MANY of your recipes. It’s my hubby’s birthday today, so I am off to make him Honey Roasted Chicken, Carrots with Walnuts and Figs and Biscuits with your homemade butter that I cannot wait to dive into!!  You have a wonderful way about you and I hope I can make my kitchen as warm and inviting as yours seems to be.  Keep up the good work!

Lonnie Abbott  February 4

I’ve been watching every Saturday morning with a hot cup of tea and just relaxing. Those recipes you cook and demonstrate are awesome. I just finished watching the Pizza, Focaccia, bread stick show…made me real hungry for a crisp crust pizza. Thank you! Great show!

Rayne B.  February 6

Just want to tell you that I tape your shows, I printed the recipe for your “buzzed blondies” and I made them to entertain my family and friends for the Superbowl—And, they were a HUGE hit! Your recipes are awesome and I love watching you! Thank you for teaching me–seriously, although I do some cooking weekly that I feel good about, baking has never come easily to me and it really is fun!–My family and friends also thank you : – ) !!

Kathy Pincus February 7

Wanted to say a quick “thank you” for such a sweet half hour last week! Watching you with your daughters making those gorgeous black and white cookies filled my heart–just wonderful! I would have written sooner but I just found your site (and the recipe!–thanks for that, too!). I’m so glad to learn that, in addition to baking, you also teach cooking. (I need help in ALL areas-lol!). I am looking forward to seeing more of your programs and to learning from such a generous teacher.

Lena Friedman  February 10

I’m so excited to report that after re-watching your “challah” baking show and following your instructions I JUST pulled out the most gorgeous six-strand braided loaves! My house smells absolutely divine!–thank you, Lauren. Doing this for our Friday night dinner at home has been a dream of mine for many years. (And your “cheat sheet” worked like a charm!!) This is so exciting!!

Dorothy Eckert  February 11

Today I saw Baking Made Easy on KUEN. I really loved the program and how pleasant you were to watch. Thanks so much for all you do. From Layton, Utah.

Pete Piscopo February 12

I watched your Challah show and it was fantastic. A Passionate Baker You Are!

Jenny February 20

OMGoodness! I am so lucky I work for my family in a retail shop and when there are no customers, I get to watch TV. I watch you EVERY Saturday and absolutely LOVE how ‘easy’ you make everything seem. You are very practical and when you’re showing something to your audience that requires special care, you don’t just say ‘do this’, or ‘do that’, you explain why. We get to really learn from your experiences! I would LOVE to bake more for my family, but it’s just not something I’ve ever paid much attention to. Your show inspires me to try! Thanks so much for your great recipes and instruction. A Superfan!

P.S. We need to see more shots of that beautiful puppy of yours too! ;-)

Robert and June  Feb 28

Just wanted to send a note saying how much we enjoy your program. We both said to each other, after the episode ended, “Now, that’s a show I can watch!” Thank you for being so informative and entertaining. Look forward to seeing more.